Aon Expat Insurance Package

Safe and Secure travel and stay abroad for all Expats!

Expat Center Food Valley aims to create easy access for foreign professionals to Gelderland and the Food Valley region. The Expat Center helps organizations with the paperwork concerning the formalities. In addition, residence permits and social security numbers can be picked up at the government counter in the Expat Center. The Expat Center also provides assistance in finding housing, tax advice, insurances and training and courses in collaboration with partners. For the health and private insurance we offer this international and complete package in collaboration with Aon. Next to all benefits of the package you -as an individual Expat- will get an extra 10% discount on all private insurance thanks to the Expat Center Food Valley

Benefits for Expats and employers with Expats!

Being an Expat means a new country, new environment, new culture and new values and standards and circumstances. This also impacts specific risks. As worldwide leading insurance broker Aon understands your situation as no other party. Working with all reputable international insurers Aon puts together all relevant insurances and services for you as Expat and for employers with Expats.


You are an Expat and are looking for the best international solutions for your health and general insurance. We offer a complete and international insurance package which you can compose and calculate quickly. And apply online and maintain easily thanks to our comprehensive services. Please see the page 'Premium calculations' for all options, premiums and benefits. Choose all options which fits best to your situation including your accompanying family members. Thanks to the Expat Center Food Valley you will get 10% discount on the premiums of the private insurance.


You are an employer and you are looking for a solid, easy, and beneficial solution for the insurance need of all your Expats. You do not want to harass your Expats by asking them to search for the best insurance providers and solutions in their new environment. You can solve this easily by offering a basic package with interesting discounts. Every Expat can add extra coverage and insurance depending his/her situation. As employer you only have to choose the basic package, starting from 250 euro per expat including the accompanying family members per year.

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