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Wat are cookies?

This website could make use of cookies. Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. They contain small amounts of information. By means of cookies we can recognise a computer or mobile device on return visits.

Cookies are often used to personalise websites and enhance the user experience. Cookies allow us to (temporarily) store preferences for example, and record the choices you have made. We also use cookies to see which web pages people have visited and to measure how effective advertisements and searches are. In addition, cookies also provide us with insight into the surfing behaviour of users, so that we can improve our websites, communication and products.

It is also possible that so-called “web beacons” are used. These are images which are normally not visible to the user. Just as cookies, these “web beacons” can be used to follow the surfing behaviour of users. We can also use “web beacons” for HTML e-mailing (not in plain text therefore) that we send. In this way we are able to see whether an email has been opened for example and whether particular links have been clicked.

If you would like to know more about the workings of cookies please go to (in English).

Our cookies use

We distinguish the following cookies categories:

  • Essential cookies
    These cookies are essential to be able to surf our websites and use the functions. Without these cookies, some facilities on our websites cannot be used.
  • Performance cookies
    These cookies collect information about your surfing behaviour on our websites, which pages you visit often for example. On the basis of this information we can optimise our websites and products.
  • Functional cookies
    With these cookies our websites remember which choices you have made. For instance, we can use a cookie to remember your user name so that you don’t have to keep on entering this.

Which party places a cookie?

  • Aon
    This cookie contains session variables and ensures that the server knows which session belongs to which user. It is an essential cookie which is removed at the end of your session.

Turning off cookies

This website uses performance and functional cookies. If you do not want these cookies to be used, you can turn them off in your browser settings. You can also choose to be given a signal for each cookie that is placed. This can be in general or for a specific website. The exact place and names of institutions may differ between versions. In the event of problems, consult the website of your browser provider.

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