Aon Expat Insurance Package

Aon's Global Health Complete (AGHC)

Aon Global Health Complete is a compliant global private international health care insurance which is underwritten by Allianz Worldwide Care (AWC). Allianz Worldwide Care is not only the underwriter of our product, but also takes care of our claims handling and policy issuing processes.

Thanks to this unique cooperation you benefit from the extensive administrative service opportunities that Allianz Worldwide Care has to offer. Aon will be the designated contact for you. The coverage offered by AGHC is very extensive. Medical costs that are insured include the following:

  • Medical costs of hospital admission
  • General Practitioner care
  • Prescribed medication
  • Physio therapy
  • Alternative medicine
  • Psychiatric care
  • Medical evacuation

War risk

The AGHC covers medical costs that are the result of, for example, armed conflict, acts of terrorism, civil war, plunder and hijacking. This applies also for the costs of repatriation and evacuation following illness or injury as a result of armed conflict etc. Provided, of course, that you do not willingly and/or actively participate in the armed conflict etc.

Emergency centre

The Aon emergency centre offers 24 hour assistance with repatriation or evacuation and deploys its own flying ambulances if necessary. If you fall victim to an ailment that cannot be treated in the country where you are staying, the repatriation and evacuation coverage covers the flight costs to another country. But the costs for return to the Netherlands are also covered in the event you need to give birth.

Supplementary insurance

It is possible to include coverage for dental costs with a supplementary insurance for adults of 18 years and older. This insurance reimburses virtually all dental treatment, anywhere in the world.

But there is more;
Thanks to the cooperation with Allianz Worldwide Care, we are able to offer the following major advantages:


With Allianz as the risk bearer, Aon Global Health Complete meets all local statutory laws and regulations that are currently in place.
Allianz Worldwide Care has global partnerships with approved local insurers and with other Allianz companies such as Allianz Bulgaria, ABV (Germany), Allianz Switzerland, Allianz China Life, RAS (Italy), Allianz Seguros and Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS). In addition to the above networks, this cooperation enables us to use the services of the Allianz Group partnerships in the Middle East through the Arab Orient Insurance Company and in Africa through the African Insurance Company (Libya). The expansion of our network through the cooperation between Aon Hewitt and Allianz Worldwide Care enables us to coordinate local arrangements around the world such as in Eastern Europe, China, Singapore, Mexico, the Middle East and Africa. Furthermore, Allianz in North America works in close cooperation with Olympus.

In short, Aon Global Health Complete is fully compliant and, whenever necessary, we can respond to any future changes to the laws and regulations.

Provider Network

Allianz Worldwide Care is located in more than 170 countries. Their worldwide provider network offers Aon Global Health Complete policyholders direct access to more than 560,000 doctors and 5,000 hospitals. In addition, Allianz Worldwide Care has contracted more than 7,100 individual doctors in more than 180 countries and territories in order to further improve access to care for all our policyholders. Allianz has dedicated provider networks in Europe, Asia and the United States of America. You can use their Online Hospital, Doctor and Health Practitioner Finder to search for providers worldwide. However, you are not restricted to using providers from this directory.


Allianz Worldwide Care offers our policyholders full support in 6 different languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish). Their Helpline, website and the main policy documents are fully available in all six languages. The Aon Global Health Complete policies are sent within 5 working days after registration.


Allianz Worldwide Care offers our policyholders helpline services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in the six most important languages (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian). In addition, Dutch is spoken during European office hours.

This support enables us to serve all our internationally mobile employees regardless of their location.

Claims processing

Our cooperation enables us to process claims submitted in any required language. Claim Forms and Guarantee Forms are available in six important languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish). Our policyholders will have the opportunity to submit claims online through a personal Internet page or by fax or e-mail. Our policyholders will be able to obtain useful information through the personal Internet page regarding the status of their claims. Fully completed claims forms are processed within 48 hours after receipt.

By bringing together two strong international parties, we can offer you a comprehensive and very competitive product that is ready for the future.

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