Aon Expat Insurance Package

Basic healthcare Insurance and Aon Global Health Supplement (AGHS)

As a secondable civil servant or expat, with an A1 statement, you are obliged to the basic healthcare insurance, in the Netherlands. Aon offers you the Basic Healthcare Insurance in combination with Aon's Global Health Supplement (AGHS). This insurance consists of the mandatory required basic healthcare insurance and a supplementary insurance (AGHS) with worldwide coverage. The basic healthcare insurance offers limited coverage abroad (up to a maximum of the Dutch rates for the same care). That is why you need the AGHS supplementary insurance. The combination of both plans ensures you that you will have the same insurance coverage as members with full insurance. The following costs are insured:

  • Medical costs of hospital admission
  • General Practitioner care
  • Prescribed medication
    including prescribed medication which is not registered on the GVS list, but available and registered in your host country
  • Physio therapy
  • Alternative medicine
  • Psychiatric care
  • Medical evacuation

War risk

The AGHS covers medical costs that are the result of, for example, armed conflict, acts of terrorism, civil war, plunder and hijacking. This applies also for the costs of repatriation and evacuation following illness or injury as a result of armed conflict etc. Provided, of course, that you do not willingly and/or actively participate in the armed conflict etc.

Emergency centre

The Aon emergency centre (including their partner GMMI in the USA) offers 24 hour assistance with repatriation or evacuation and deploys its own flying ambulances if necessary. If you fall victim to an ailment that cannot be treated in the country where you are staying, the repatriation and evacuation coverage covers the flight costs to another country. But the costs for return to the Netherlands are also covered in the event you need to give birth.

Supplementary insurance

The supplementary Comfort Class insurance offers extra comfort during hospitalization. It is possible to include coverage for dental costs with a supplementary insurance for adults of 18 years and older. This insurance reimburses virtually all dental treatment, anywhere in the world.

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