Aon Expat Insurance Package

Health insurance

Aon is specialized in providing international health insurance for employees and their dependants, wherever they are in the world.

Aon has, due to a dedicated relationship with our underwriters a range of localized services and business partnerships in place specifically to support our clients:

  • Global direct settlement agreements
  • Local doctors providing 'on the ground' operational support in specific regions
  • Locally assisted medical evacuation and repatriation, using the most suitable local partner to provide fast, convenient and safe transport, supervised from start to finish by a dedicated member of the Medical Services Team
  • Key policy documents available in a range of languages, including English, German, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian
  • Established partnerships and other locally based insurers to provide locally admitted plans, where required.

Aon International People Mobility understands the needs of our clients. You and your family can depend on us to give you access to the best international healthcare possible. As specialists in health insurance, we can provide you with a service that is fast, flexible and totally reliable.

Aon offers various types of health insurance as part of the Expat Insurance Package, to fit your personal situation. The type of insurance depends on the terms and conditions of your international assignment.

Core plan AGHC

Our core plan (AGHC) is designed to cover you for medical costs associated with in-patient, out-patient benefits along with rehabilitation treatment, nursing at home and medical evacuation. Optional add-on's to our core plan AGHC are dental and comfort. Our AGHC core plan offers you the type of health care insurance based on your personal situation.

Worldwide top-up solutions

International mobile employees who are employed to countries with which the home country has concluded a bilateral social security treaty, there is a statutory continuation of the social security regime, including health insurance. In principle this applies towards the international mobile employee him or herself, and also to the family members.

Next to the above regulations there are also countries in the world where international mobile employees are obliged to take out a local policy or where the insurance company must collaborate with a local partner to have the ability to issue a local policy.

We are proficient at designing and providing cover on a supplementary basis to top-up cover provided by social security systems in various countries worldwide. These supplementary/top-up solutions are needed on top of the mandatory basic health insurance coverage in order to have the same insurance coverage as members with full insurance.

We work with various companies to provide additional or alternative insurance when local compliancy is necessary. Where we do not have local healthcare representation we have partnership arrangements to support multi-national requirements in order to be able to provide compliant top-up solutions.

Top up solutions in the Netherlands

As a secondable civil servant or expat, with an A1 statement, you are obliged to the basic healthcare insurance, in the Netherlands. Aon offers you the Choice Care Plan (Basic Healthcare Insurance) in combination with Aon's Global Health Supplement (AGHS). This insurance consists of the required basic health insurance and a supplementary insurance (AGHS) with worldwide coverage. The Choice Care Plan offers limited coverage abroad (up to a maximum of the Dutch rates for the same care). That is why you need the AGHS supplementary insurance. The combination of both plans ensures that you will have the same insurance coverage as members with full insurance.

You can determine online what insurance is best for you.