Aon Expat Insurance Package

Explanation coverage

Personal Possessions insurance

Fire, burglary, explosion, storms, water. These are all factors that could damage your personal possessions abroad. Aon's personal possessions insurance insures you against such an eventuality. Choose the insured amount best suited to your personal situation. The options range between EUR 10,000 and EUR 200,000.

The following costs are also insured:

  • Tenant interest up to EUR 2,500
  • Salvage costs up to cost price
  • Debris costs with a maximum of EUR 7,500

Instruments and valuables insurance

The instruments and valuables insurance in the Expat Insurance Package provides all-risk insurance for valuable possessions such as computers, photographic equipment, jewelry and musical instruments. Any damage to these possessions that occurs outside the residence is also covered. Maximum sum insured EUR 20,000.

Personal liability insurance

However careful you are, you may unintentionally cause damage to another person or their property. Aon's liability insurance covers this damage. You can choose the maximum liability per insured event suitable to your personal situation.

Our liability options are:

  • EUR 1,000,000
  • EUR 1,500,000
  • EUR 2,500,000

Legal assistance insurance

Aon's legal assistance insurance offers worldwide coverage and pays out a lump sum for all legal costs related to criminal cases or specific disputes. For example, when you are injured in a collision abroad but the responsible party denies fault. The costs of the lawyer, the procedural costs, any travel and accommodation expenses are insured up to a sum of:

  • EUR 15,000
  • EUR 20,000
  • EUR 25,000
  • EUR 50,000

Aon's legal assistance insurance is not linked to any preferred legal aid company. You may choose any legal representation and costs will be reimbursed up to the selected insured amount and within policy limitations.

Accident insurance

Aon's accident insurance pays out a lump sum if you or a family member becomes permanently disabled or dies as a result of an accident. New family member(s) (by birth or official adoption) can be added to the insurance.

You can insure yourself, your spouse or children for accidental death or accidental permanent disablement between EUR 5,000 and EUR 250,000.

Annual travel insurance

Aon's annual travel insurance offers extensive coverage during holidays or business travel anywhere in the world. This includes loss of luggage, medical costs and assistance. For you, your partner and other family member(s). The insurance also covers cancellation costs. Winter and underwater sports are included as standard. Some key highlights;

  • Assistance 24 hours per day
  • Medical costs
  • Cancellation costs/termination fee per travel/rental
  • Valuables per insured
  • Luggage per insured
  • Telephone and internet costs
  • Rental of an equivalent motor vehicle
  • Transportation costs for the remains
  • Funeral or cremation costs on location

Extra air travel insurance

The health of a family member deteriorates, requiring you to return home. In this difficult situation, Aon relieves you of some of your worries. Aon's flight insurance reimburses a return ticket to your home country, also for family member(s) living with you abroad.
The costs of air travel relating to the return to the country of residence concerning peril of death or death of a relative by blood or by affinity in the first degree, due to an accident or a life threatening disease.

Maximum sum insured EUR 4,000.

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