Aon Expat Insurance Package


Insufficient attention for medical and personal safety

As employees travel the world, they are exposed to multiple medical and safety risks caused by both man and nature. The impact may range from a minor inconvenience to an incident involving serious physical injury or even death. A survey conducted by Aon that many companies do not have an adequate global mobility plan to protect their internationally mobile employees, control the risks and respond to incidents.

Insufficient attention for Expatriate Risk Management

Companies tend to lack clear insight into the financial consequences of calamities abroad. Furthermore, compliance is often insufficiently monitored and international insurance products covering healthcare, accidents, business travel incidents and personal injury are not always a good match. The role of the global mobility manager is therefore likely to change dramatically during the next few years. Besides coordination, he will also become responsible for safety, security and risk control, in short: "Expatriate Risk Management".

Employer obligations

Employers must comply with a number of obligations regarding expat employees and employees traveling abroad on an incidental basis. These include:

  • Informing employees about the risks of international mobility (traveling) and conducting a prior assessment of the safety of operational sites
  • Providing adequate information about risks and safety, and providing advice and training to employees traveling to or stationed in high-risk areas
  • Preparing employees for international mobility and implementing a travel risk protocol
  • Preparing procedures for dealing with travel-related incident
  • Offering adequate insurance covering damage, injury and loss incurred by employees

Expat Insurance Package for all companies with internationally mobile employees

To ensure that our clients have robust corporate governance in place and can respond easily to any crisis affecting their personnel, we have created the Aon Expat Insurance Package.
We offer collective and individual healthcare and personal insurance packages for all internationally mobile employees.

The insurance solutions meet your employees needs and offer local and international coverage. The Expat Insurance Package includes the following coverage:

  • Personal Possessions insurance
  • Instruments and valuables insurance
  • Personal liability insurance
  • Legal assistance insurance for private individuals
  • Accident insurance
  • Annual travel insurance
  • Extra air travel insurance

As an employer, you can opt to offer collective insurance so that you know that your employees are properly covered. You can also choose to pay the costs yourself or have your employees contribute. By purchasing collectively, you and your employees benefit from a competitive price!

Advice and insurance solutions

Aon Risk Solutions, department International People Mobility, offers Risk & People solutions for employers with employees working across borders. Our clients include business travelers, expats and crew staff from International Corporations and the non-profit sector.

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