Aon Expat Insurance Package


Organizations have a duty of care towards their employees travelling on business assignments. The risks faced by travelers are increasing and range from medical problems and transportation disruption to political violence or kidnapping.

To ensure that our clients have robust corporate governance in place and can respond easily to any crisis affecting their personnel, we have created Aon WorldAware Solutions a simple travel risk management system that complements existing insurance policies and third party relationships.

Aon's easily implemented WorldAware Solutions provides travel risk analysis, training and awareness, risk managed travel and incident response, incorporating the management of all your travel risk exposure into one simple system.

Aon WorldAware Solutions enables you to track and manage your employees business travel, define and deliver safe travel procedures and report on the location of personnel at the touch of a button.

Being prepared and having a clearly defined and communicated plan of response helps you work towards a swift and safe resolution in the event of an incident. Aon WorldAware Solutions include extensive response plans in preparation for any crisis.


The unique travel management program includes:

  • Safe Travel Procedures - aligned to your travel insurance policies and third party relationships
  • Annual Travel Risk Review - to ensure your policies and procedures are cost effective and efficient, with no gaps or overlaps
  • Access to country risk information, both online and via mobile apps
  • Access to a travel management system that captures your personnel travel details, enabling you to review travel data and respond in the event of an incident
  • First line support from a 24/7 Operations Centre, manned by an experienced crisis management team who can assist travelers and risk managers throughout a crisis
  • One unique telephone number that corresponds to your individual Safe Travel Procedures

Aon WorldAware Solutions provides you with a safe travel program that protects business travelers, meets duty of care responsibilities and safeguards brand and reputation through a robust combination of consulting, risk transfer and innovative technology.


Aon WorldAware Solutions is a comprehensive risk management tool which enables you to protect your travelers, meet duty of care obligations and safeguard your brand and reputation.


The following key points ensure that Aon WorldAware Solutions is unique:

  • Comprehensive program: this is the only travel risk management tool to combine Travel Risk Analysis, Awareness, Risk Managed Travel and Incident Response in one complete and coordinated travel risk program.
  • Single point of contact: Aon WorldAware Solutions wraps around your existing policies and third-party provider arrangements to give you a "one-stop-shop" for travel risk management.
  • Linked to your insurance policies: no other travel risk management tool provides a thorough assessment of, and integration with, your travel-related insurance policies.
  • Quick and easy to implement: full implementation of Aon WorldAware Solutions typically takes just six weeks.
  • Cost effective: incorporating all your travel risk management into one system ensures there are no gaps or overlaps.

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